If Nintendo embraced equality

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Yoshi toad marriage

As much as we might have a great deal of love for Nintendo, the lazygamer crew is seriously tired of the backwards mentality of the company. They no longer innovate or push the envelope, and their whole controversy with Tomodachi Life was ridiculous. So what would it be like if they were different?

For those who don’t know, Nintendo released the bizarre simulation game Tomodachi Life. We thought it looked hilarious and strangely wonderful – typically off-the-wall Nintendo. Then, it turned out that same-sex relationships weren’t possible in game. In fact, they existed when the game was first released, and then removed – patched out as a bug. Of course this caused outcry for the LGBTQ community, leading to an eventual apology from Nintendo. We weren’t that satisfied with the response, but John Oliver took it in another direction on his HBO show, Last Week Tonight.

For those who don’t watch videos, John Oliver ties in the Nintendo story with the 10 year anniversary of legal gay marriage in America (Massachusetts).

He shows what it could be like if Nintendo granted the LGBTQ dream of “eventual virtual equality” – Mario and Link could finally make out, Toad and Yoshi could say their vows and Bowser would get death benefits following the death of his long-time partner, Donkey Kong. It’s a funny sketch, and very well put together, and highlights an important aspect that Nintendo seems to forget – in the West, LGBTQ concerns have become mainstream. They are no longer a small group that is marginalized and ignored – LGBTQ are front and center in Western consciousness, and games will need to reflect that.

Last Updated: May 20, 2014

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