If Videogames were More Realistic

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Some videogames, such as Super Mario Bros 3, have a pervasive sense of realism. Eating leaves totally makes you grow a raccoon tail, which in turn allows you to fly if you run fast enough. Other games are somewhat less realistic.

Humour site Cracked invited its readers to envision, through crafty photoshoppery, what games would be like if they were a little more real. I particularly liked the animated Zelda/boomerang joke, the Guitar Hero image you see above this hangover-induced slightly incoherent text and the winning Mortal Kombat entry . The submissions range from awesome to confusing, but there’s sure to be something that YOU’LL find funny.

3125.jpg 3082-1.jpg

3137.jpg 3086.jpg

Check the rest of ’em out over here : Cracked.com

Last Updated: September 17, 2009

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