I'll be in the fried egg looking thing

Now if that isn’t the best headline I’ve ever come up with I simply don’t know what is…which is ironic since the first bullet point on my content creation slide is “Your headline is your first impression, make it count”

Wait maybe I should back up and try make some sense here.

About a month ago the organisers of the 2013 Wordcamp conference got in touch with me and asked if I’d be interested in heading down to the city with the mountain and giving a talk on how Lazygamer came about and how much of the success is based around WordPress, or more accurately how we’ve used WordPress to scale.

Being someone who doesn’t like to be in public, or to talk in general this sounded like an absolutely horrendous idea but I like to push myself so I agreed.

So on the 7th of November I will be at the Cape Town stadium standing in front of a few hundred people and doing my very best impersonation of someone who knows what they are talking about when we all know I really, really don’t.

But there is an after-party which I’m reliably informed will supply me with free alcohol so how bad can it really be… right?

So if you are in the Cape Town area on the 7th and are interested in learning about content creation, WordPress or simply giggling at me panicking in public then please do join us.

Tickets are R350 a head and can be ordered here, oh apparently there will be food as well.

Let me know if you are going to attend or if you are rather going to stand outside the after party hurling insults as we arrive.

Last Updated: October 21, 2013

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