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Improved striking and ball physics in FIFA 14

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FIFA 14 is geared towards being the most realistic football game that we’ve seen to date.  At E3, EA harped on the improved footwork and physics.  The latest developer diary gives us some more detail, and looks cool.

The two features revealed in this video are Pure Shot and Real Ball Physics; both are designed to give players improvements went striking.  Pure Shot gives players the 

intelligence to prepare before they approach the ball and adjust their stride to be able to get the perfect strike.

This better mimics the way real footballers play, adjusting their feet to optimize a shot.  For example, a right footed player will change the angle they approach the ball leading up to a shot in order to get a most powerful strike.

Real Ball Physics adds diversity to trajectories of shots.  This means that curving shots, dipping shots and even Gareth Bale’s knuckle ball shot will be more accurate and real to life.  They have even modeled the air flow around the ball when there’s no spin, such as penalty shots.

What does all this mean?  Well, hopefully we see a FIFA game that is closer to reality than ever before.  I’ve gotta say, it’s incredible to see how sports games have advanced in recent years.  I’m still waiting for them to add the hooligan DLC – that would add a whole new level of reality to the franchise.

Here is the developer diary for your viewing pleasure, complete with French subtitles:

Last Updated: August 7, 2013

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