In defense of Devil May Cry 4

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In case you missed the announcement, there’s a pair of Devil May Cry Remasters on the way. DmC Devil May Cry, the superb Ninja Theory developed reboot, and Devil May Cry 4 are getting current with the generation. And that makes me happy. I think DmC is one of the finest reboots ever made, despite all the hate it got. But I’m genuinely amazed at the hate for Devil May Cry 4. A game in the series that I consider to be one of the very best action games ever made.

After reading a comment by … (No really, it is “…”) I thought I’d hit the ol’ interwebs and check out a forum or two. After dealing with far too many haterections after visiting a Hajime No Ippo manga forum (Jebus guys, it’s a comic, calm down) , I decided to see what the web had to say about Devil May Cry 4. And jeez, was it polarising. I genuinely had no idea that Devil May Cry 4 was the Bovril game of the series.


And to a degree, I can understand why. Ditching Dante for Nero for the majority of the game was a massive slap in the face for many a long-time fan. The gameplay was very different when playing as Nero. The story was laughably cheesy. And the visuals didn’t always shine. But it’s those very reasons that make DMC 4 such a winner for me.

I dug Nero. I thought he was a fantastic addition to the game, far better than Devil May Cry 2’s Lucia. He was brash, he was cocky and was essentially a new hero for a new generation of gaming. And his combat skills matched that. I spent forever fine-tuning my thumbs to master that sword of his. Because you see, in Devil May Cry 4, players could rev their blade up in order to deal extra damage. It required precise timing however, and when you’re fighting a super-pope, it does become challenging.

But when you combined that with his new demon arm grapples, various other unlockable skills and upgrades, it was pure Devil May Cry through and through. Tight action, balanced, toned and rewarding for adventurous players who wanted to up their combo style meters. And Dante actually had a pretty big chunk of game devoted to him as well, with new weapons and styles unlocked relatively quickly. There was something for everyone, new and old.

And yes, that story was swimming in cheddar. But dammit, call me a softie because I loved it. Underneath all that gouda, there was a story with plenty of heart, like an interactive Shonen anime of sorts. It was a story with tantalising hints towards the fate of Dante’s brother Vergil. Heck, if some fan theories are to be believed, Nero may in fact be Vergil’s son.

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As for visuals, Devil May Cry 4 wasn’t fielding bleeding edge graphics. But I’d rather take smooth frame-rates over HD any day of the week. It’s been quite a few years since the game was released however, and I’m hoping that Capcom has added some decent new content and upgrades to the remastered package for next year. Also congrats to Capcom. Well played gents. You’re most likely going to sucker me out of quite a few bucks for a game that is nine years old now. Well played.

I’ve got too much love for Devil May Cry 4 perhaps. It was my very first Xbox 360 game, and it blew me away. Perhaps I do have rose-tinted nostalgia goggles on, but I don’t want to take them off. And if you want to hate any character from Devil May Cry, hate the anime version of Dante instead.


Seriously, f**k that guy and his strawberry sundae obsession. He’s the real reason for poor game sales, I swear.

Last Updated: December 17, 2014

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