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In Other News – 01 February 2012

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Patricia de Leon

Well, it’s the Hallmark month of love from today, and like the last couple of recent years, and I’m going to scrooge my way through it, bah-humbugging every sign of lovey-dovey merchandising I see.

But beyond that, it’s the month where gaming gets real. The January break is over, and we’re about to be hit with a flood of quality titles. I’m already wading into those waters, as I’m busy testing out a certain fighting game for review soon.

So how about you guys, what’s the one game in February that has you really excited?

In Other News: The Simpsons move from their couch into our digital arcades, Phoenix Wright doesn’t object to some toilet paper and the hidden joys of buying used games.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because we were too busy auditioning to be Tarzan for the latest film.


Serious Sam 2 is now available on Steam
Darksiders novel set to accompany the launch of the sequel
Doh! The Simpsons are coming to the PSN
Bungie hiring an economy designer, is this more evidence of a MMO?
Sniper Elite V2 won’t be a cheap port, Rebellion says
Bastion gets a major price cut, this week only
Capcom celebrates the Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney film with toilet paper
David Jaffe comments on match-making errors in Twisted Metal demo


Seven games that should be ported to 3DS
The hidden joys of buying used games
Five underdog games of 2012 to put on your radar
How to get into video games, a lesson learnt from Bioware


Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City – Nemesis Gameplay trailer
Soul Calibur 5 – Dark Souls trailer
Ninja Gaiden 3 – Preview Trailer

Across the Networks

Real life South African Tarzan wants to make it in the movies
Mel Gibsons summer vacation gets a renaming and some Mexican flavour
Midweek mouth off – Are movie awards worth a rats ass?
Bobcat Goldthwait returns with ‘God Bless America’
Adam Sandler goes to Candy Land
Katy Perry in talks for a 3D Movie
Ever wondered what it’s like to work at Twitter?
AR Goggles will give crime scene investigators batman vision
Is this the latest smartphone from Blackberry?
Grope your iPad with these, er, ‘grips’

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Last Updated: February 1, 2012

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