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In Other News – 01 June 2012 Weekend Edition

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Time for another Community ION Submission, before we scarper off for the weekend. Today, we’ve got the stunning Rosa Acosta from Mduduzi Sibisi. So remember, if you like the picture, then like the article, and keep sending your submissions in to gavin@lazygamer.net .

In Other News: Resident Evil won’t stray far from its horror roots, a cheating genie returns, let’s ruin E3, Han Solo versus Captain Kirk and we cross the streams in order to lay down some funky riffs.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because we had all disappeared in a big puff of diverse smoke.


Marvel heroes – New characters and costumes revealed
Resident Evil 6 – We’re still trying to make a horror experience
3DS patent reveals a vibrating stylus and new kinds of control
AMD ditches monthly driver release schedule
World of warplanes Beta-testing has begun
Humble Bundle 5 hits a million dollars in under 5 hours
Game Genie is coming to the PS3
Fans begin work on 007 Nightfire remake


What would a GTA MMO be like?
Top five platformers of all time
Twitter and the gaming industry
How to ruin this years E3 in four easy steps


Metal Gear Rising – E3 trailer
Batman Arkham City Harley Quinn Revenge DLC – Robin trailer
Lollipop Chainsaw – E3 Combat trailer

Across the Networks

Colin Farrell and friends are going to go Epic
Independence Day is getting an extra dimension added to the re-release
Friday Fight Club – Battle of the captains, engage!
You’ll need to ride like hell in this new trailer for Premium Rush
Adam Sandler can count to Three Mississippi better than Mark Wahlberg
Movies out today – Blondes, buffoons and monarchy wreckers
This new trailer for the Bourne Legacy is not just a science project
Rock out with your cock out
$40 million will buy you a whole lot of 3D Transformers
Swallowing 35mm can lead to some disgustingly beautiful pictures

Model: Rosa Acosta

Last Updated: June 1, 2012

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