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In Other News – 02 August 2013 Weekend Edition

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leanna Decker

The weirdest things in life make me happy. Why just today, I received some movie accurate rubber hoses for the Proton Pack that I’m currently building. But when I saw that my special screws were waiting for me at the post office? Buddy, I couldn’t shove angry old white ladies out of my way fast enough. Clearly, my weekend is a happy one.

In Other News: How Blood Dragon was made, Vita ain’t doing so well, Killer is Dead has a cameo and Jennifer Aniston swears like a trooper.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because I was too busy fighting off the PE CHUDs.


Bethesda denies Arkane involved in Prey 2 development
Ubisoft promises new next-gen IP reveal for Gamescom
Volition responds to criticism of the dildo bat
Vita not performing that well, says Sony exec
Breath of Fire II coming to Wii U
Modified Saints Row given Australian MA15 rating
Juliet Starling will appear in Killer is Dead
Black Ops 2 Vengeance out on PS3 and PC today


It’s a crying shame that this game never got made
The making of Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon
The burliest Adventure Time cosplayer goes on a badass quest
Why Australia’s outdated classification system doesn’t work


Disney Infinity – Toybox combat trailer
Lost Planet 3 – Frozen to death trailer
Playstation 4 – Panta Rhei Engine tech demo

What’s on at The Movies:

The Croods hits Blu Ray o October 1
James Cameron has hired some writing friends to make even more Avatar sequels
Stick to the big A in this red band trailer for We’re the Millers
These 35 new images for Agents of SHIELD will show you how I met your mother
Say hellot to my magical little director in the Scarface remake!
Movies out today – Giant robots, aliens and Afrikaners
Abigail Breslin wants to send a bastard to hell in this trailer for Haunter
Moderation is for cowards in this first trailer for Lone Survivor

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Last Updated: August 2, 2013

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