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In Other News – 03 December 2012

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Kelly Brook

And so it begins! The Christmas ads are being broadcast 24/7, newspapers have more red and green than my last ill-fated party in a rainforest and Boney M prepares to terrorise our eardrums once again! 22 days folks, of all this, and more. So get used to hearing about how George Michael gave away another broken heart this year!

In Other News: The junior Justice League resurfaces, Tomb Raider gets some audio Graves, an ASAP PSA for the PSN BTW, prank door knocking, the video game, Skyfall reviewed and Square Enix gets All the Bravest.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy looking up Bill Clinton’s web browsing history.


Game falls $28 short of Kickstarter $50 000 goal
Square Enix registers new domains for All the Bravest
Japanese developer codes first ever tok tokkie simulator
PSA – PSN down for maintenance today
Young Justice legacy teaser reminds us that it still exists
Jason Graves announced as Tomb Raider composer
Sir, you are being hunted Kickstarter surpasses funding goals


Little girl learns about trolls thanks to 3DS
The death of truly social gaming
A long and fascinating history of video game samples in rap songs
In defense of tacked on multiplayer


Consortium – Debut trailer
Total War: Shogun 2 – Otomo Clan pack trailer
Wedding Garden – Debut trailer

Across the Network

Brace yourself – The Game of thrones gets upped in this new mini-feature
Competition reminder – Win a Dark Knight trilogy boxset
You’ll never forget the name of Les Miserables after watching these five new clips
Monday Box Office Report – No breaking surprises here
This surreal first trailer gives us a glimpse into the mind of Charles Swan III
There can be only none! Highlander remake loses a director
A Family Guy movie is only a matter of when, says creator Seth MacFarlane
We Review Skyfall – A visually arresting reinvention of the reinvented Bond

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Last Updated: December 3, 2012

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