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In Other News – 03 November 2012 Weekend Edition

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Weekend baby! I’ve got nothing interesting to say to you! Go find someone else to label with a girly name and make fun of, because I am outta here! Peace everybody!

In Other News: Sega ain’t got no cash, dang Nabbit in Super Mario Bros, Halo 4 makes some crazy soundtrack profits, EA heads to the Nexus, Crysis 3 has a crysis for you and Jamie Foxx is going to electrify us in film.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy grabbing some popcorn at Geoff’s place for the Halo Forward Unto Dawn film tonight. Curiously, all his popcorn containers have holes cut out at the bottom.


Sega Q2 financials revealed, games division operating at a 780 million Yen loss
EA is bringing 13 new games to Google Nexus Devices
Medal of Honour Warfighter support added to Battlelog
New Super Mario Bros Nabbit feature detailed
Halo 4 OST takes the record for highest charting game soundtrack
GTA 5 locations leaked
Mass Effect 3 event rewards Vanguards
Crysis 3 preorders get Crysis for free


Halo 4 through the eyes of a jumpy sceptic
A brief history of the Neo Geo
No pressure guys, it’s just Halo
Surviving Horror – Shadow of the beast


DmC – Creative director/producer interview
Natural Selection 2 – Launch trailer
Epic Mickey 2 – Reconstructed Wasteland trailer

Across the Networks

Add a merc with a mouth to your collection of figures
This might be the sexiest toaster ever created
Is this the future of pizza delivery?
Roger Avary is going to shoot some zombies in Castle Wolfenstein
Twilight author Stephanie Meyer hints at new films being made, the world ends shortly afterwards
Marc Webb confirms Electro as the main villain for Amazing Spidey 2, talks more details
Talk about a Heaven Sent – Guillermo Del Toro to direct the Supernatural side of DC comics
We Review Hotel Transylvania – Better than expected, with impressive animation
Movies out today – Century spanning epics, serial killers, plant boys and academics
We’re all that’s left in this new trailer for GI Joe Retaliation
Jamie Foxx to be the electrifying new villain in Amazing Spider-Man 2?

Model: Miroslava Karpovich

Last Updated: November 2, 2012

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