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In Other News – 04 June 2012

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Adrianne Palicki

It’s E3 week people! Love it or hate it, it’s an essential part of the gaming calendar. And we’ll be covering all the major announcements tonight, as if we were there this year, minus the expired airplane food and leg-crippling cabin space.

So for you night-owls, keep an eye on the site, as we’ll be constantly updating, with any and all breaking news this week.

In Other News: Hollywood and gaming, Microsoft gets the Screwattack treatment, mother Russia receives some Angry Birds, it’s raining men and why we need to fear the cat-copter.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because we were too busy trying to get into club Avastar.


David Cage hires some Hollywood talent for his next PS3 game
New screenshots for Halo 4
Sony’s stock falls to its lowest level since 1984
WWE 13 to feature new replays
Sony all but confirms Drake and Bioshocks Big Daddy for Battle Royale
Angry Birds credit cards fly into Russia
Sexism in gaming


A response to Ubisofts poor advertising choices for Ghost Recon Future Soldier
Five things that you didn’t know about the Last of Us
Is the Wii U a genius concept or a Frankenstein box?
A brief history of Halo at E3


Screwattack – Top ten things we want from Microsoft at E3 2012
Screwattack – Top ten things we want from Nintendo at E3 2012
Dishonored – E3 gameplay trailer

Across the Networks

Beware the Cat-Copter!
This is the happiest 30 000 photo time-lapse on earth
Receive bad advice from your friends with this shoulder mounted robot monkey on your back
Marvel is releasing a 10 disc, 6 movie collection that will Hulk smash your other DVDs
Joel Kinnaman talks Robocops and remakes
Monday Box Office Report – Snow White fails to be neuralised
We Review Snow White and the Huntsman – Far from perfect, but rich in unforgettable imagery
Lock, stock and shiver me timbers! Guy Ritchie is setting sail for Treasure Island
The Dark Knight gets a new MTV trailer
It’s raining Tatum in this new Magic Mike trailer and poster
Damon Lindelof speaks about Star Trek 2, calls Benedict Cumbermatch’s performance "iconic"

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Last Updated: June 4, 2012

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