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In Other News – 07 February 2012

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Man, it’s been a horrible week so far. I know, I know – it seems like I only ever do this thing when I have cause to complain; mostly when I’m grumpy from not sleeping. That, surprisingly, isn’t the issue right now. The inside of my head seems to have taken on the incredible super power of producing masses of clear, viscous gumph. The worst of it isn’t that that I’m going through more tissues now than when I hit puberty, but that it’s caused my ears to block up – and it constantly feels like my head is in a box. Underwater. Spinning.

It’s completely disorienting, and I can barely make out what people right next to me are saying – it’s like everybody’s become the adults from the Peanuts cartoons, coupled with the whirlwind joys of vertigo.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because Warrr Waaaa. Waa Wmmmm Wamrr wwwwrrraa. Wrm wll mbple pbl.


Diablo 3 will support up to 4 player co-op only, no built-in voice chat
The developers behind Driver are working on a new Kinect game
Kojima reveals that Metal Gear on the Vita will have rear touch screen controls
Ubisoft expands its mobile gaming division with two new mobile domain name registrations
Mass Effect 3 achievements hint at the return of an old enemy
Building the world of KOA: Reckoning
Tim Schafer claims that publishers are scared of new IP
Call of Duty Elite releases 7 new screenshots for “Clan Operations”


Five hidden object games that are actually quite scary
Five reasons why the Resident Evil movies suck
Why video games ARE good for you
The five most underrated Final Fantasy characters ever


The Last Story – UK Characters reveal trailer
Spec Ops: The Line – Chemical Warfare trailer
Alan Wake American Nightmares – Developer Diary

Across the Networks

New Amazing Spider-Man trailer swings into town! And it’s great!
Eli Roth gets ready to aftershock audiences
Blade Runner producer denies Harrison Ford’s involvement in prequel
Let The Bullets Fly redband trailer – Blood, body parts and badass Chow Yun Fat
Machete gets ready to kill again
Sneak peak into a new local film about poaching, Snare
Raiding the Lost Ark is complete and available for free
First pictures for Wreck-It Ralph surface online
Despicable Me 2 gets a new villain in the voice-form of Al Pacino, Hoo-Ha!
Classic creepiness in The Woman in Black trailer
This is how a robot sees the world
Ever wanted to see the world the way Iron Man does?
How to make your Facebook timeline pic better with a simple hack
Samsung remotes catch up with the future

Model: Susan Coffey. Yes, Again.

Last Updated: February 7, 2012

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