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In Other News – 07 March 2012

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I’ve got to start packing my bags. And before you start asking if I’m flying somewhere top secret for a video game preview, calm yourselves, I’m still going to be within the borders of our fine nation.

I’m heading off to Cape Town for a few days, mainly to egg some of my friends and family on as they ride the Cape Argus, which I am not riding this year myself. As well as attending the launch of Mass Effect 3 here, I’ll be floating around in the Mother City, which would also explain why you’ve been feeling a cold chill down your neck lately.

Hopefully this visit will be better than my Jozi trip, which involved all sorts of stick-poking shenanigans…

In Other News: Free high-level Pokemon, how one nation is really unhappy with the deity-portraying antics of Capcom and why Darksiders 2 shouldn’t be compared to the Legend of Zelda.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because I was too busy trying to fit my Batman gear into my tiny suitcase.


Shank 2 interview with Klei Entertainment Founder Jamie Cheng
Capcom incurs Hindu wrath over Asura game
Assassin’s Creed 3 will feature combat that has been ripped up from the ground and rebuilt
Witcher 2 PC is not a playground for console
Darksiders 2 – Don’t compare it to Zelda
Halo 4 – Native 720P, anti-aliasing and perks clarified
Get a free lvl 100 Zekrom or Reshiram for Pokemon Black/White
Mass Effect Infiltrator launches for $7


Jennifer Hale, the voice actor of a 129 video games
Mass Effect 3 powers and classes guide
Five worst characters in modern gaming
Do people still dislike the Wind Waker?


SSX – Uber Mondays video
Medal of Honour Warfighter – Tier 1 returns
XCOM Enemy unknown – Developer Diary

Across the networks

Venom movie might still be happening, Chronicles’ Josh Trank to direct
Boy Scouts versus Zombies? Cohen is on it!
The Cabin in the woods trailer is going to make you hate camping
Want to wield Mjolnir or fly around as Iron Man? Well here’s your chance to do so!
Midweek mouth-off – Talking trashy movies
Red band trailer for 21 Jump Street – F@!% Science!
The US Military wants to give their soldiers spidey-senses
The Sheer horror and insanity of Star Wars figures made from baby toys

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