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In Other News – 09 July 2012

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Don’t worry ladies, and some chaps, we haven’t forgotten about you. We know that we tend to use mostly bikini babes, but fret not, because here’s Magic Mikes’ Matt Bomer, in all his shirtless glory for you!

In Other News: Borderlands hands out some freebies to some veterans, Metal Gear celebrates a quarter of a century birthday, Dragons get more dogmatic, watching Batman early and a urinal that talks back to us.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because we were too busy wondering how many other actors had been caught in a shrink ray.


DayZ is going standalone in September,adopting the Minecraft model
Red Dawn writer did not actually write Homefront, says former developers
Neal Stephenson Clang Kickstarter goal is surpassed
Dragons Dogma is getting more DLC
Metal Gear turns 25
Phantasy Star Online 2 is headed to the West in early 2013
Borderlands veterans get free skins and heads with their save game file for the sequel


Skyrims next DLC – What we want to see
Six horror game soundtracks that will make you shiver
Has the Secret World made MMO history?
Spelunky is an excellent teacher


MMA Onslaught – Ground and pound gameplay
Lords of Football – Lifestyle simulation developer diary
Of Orcs and men – Summer trailer

Across the Networks

Holy promotional campaign Batman! A 13 minute featurette for The Dark Knight Rises!
Ernest Borgnine has passed away at age 95
Want to watch the Dark Knight Rises a few days early?
Can Jack Frost help save the day in this new trailer for The Rise of the Guardians?
JCVD talks Expendables 2
We Review Coriolanus – The bard gets badass, but can’t sustain the intensity
The first Pacific Rim poster doesn’t fail to deliver on the promise of giant robots
Robocop kicks off the viral campaing with a visit from Ed
You might be drinking Coca Cola from a plastic bag soon…
Your bank balance won’t rise with this Batman figure
Talking urinal cakes might not be such a great idea after all…

Model: Matt Bomer

Last Updated: July 9, 2012

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