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In Other News – 09 May 2012

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Everyone who knows me, also knows that the one thing that I love as much as Batman (comics/movies/toys), happens to also be hot sauces. From Tabasco sauce to Bushmans Revenge, I love to drown my food with dollops of the stuff, and I’ve perfected a recipe for some Mexican food, using my own special sauce, that I call Omega Sanction Burritos.

Now if only I could figure out a way to enjoy my meal with out constantly getting the fiery liquid trapped in my ocular cavities, constantly…

In Other News: Halo 4 gets closer to gold, Pinkerton Road becomes a reality and we find out that Vince Vaughn may be our baby-daddy.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because we were too busy sitting in a corner crying, after hearing that Bioshock Infinite would be delayed.


The three factions of the Elder Scrolls Online, as explained by Zenimax
Cathedral uses Playstation for service
More Soul Calibur V DLC released
Realm of the Titans approaches Beta
Max Payne 3 introduces an arcade mode
Pinkerton Road Kickstarter project has been successfully funded
Halo 4 is in the final stretch
Combat Wings is flying over to XBLA


Uncharted 4 – Five treasures that it should hunt down next
Gears of war – A sales history
Horror games and film – An undeniable connection
The 8 worst TV shows inspired by video games, in television history


99 Seconds – Gameplay trailer
Primal Carnage – Alpha Gameplay
Alan Wakes American Nightmare – PC Launch trailer

Across the Networks

Can facial recognition technology reveal the true identity of the Mona Lisa?
Telling the time with an actual chronal flow
Thinking of terrorising the London Olympics? Good luck with that then
This new trailer for Ben Affleck’s Argo is the best bad idea we have
Take a guess how many bullets James Bond has dodged in his entire career
Vince Vaughn is your daddy
Foul Mouthed and homicidal children rejoice! Universal is in talks to distribute Kickass 2
Andre “3000” Benjamin wants to kiss the sky in his next film
Rebecca Hall is now replacing Jessica Chastain in Iron Man 3
Nicolas Cage is going to go wild
Midweek Mouth-Off – Your favourite special feature
The Avengers 2 is officially announced. In other news, water is wet
It’s a good day to Die Hard for Cole Hauser, plus new set pics for Bruce Willis

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Last Updated: May 9, 2012

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