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In Other News – 11 August 2011 Homegrown Hotties Edition

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Well this was an odd day. Went out to town to get some last minute business done, and on the way back, my bike battery decides to die quicker than a Norwegian Blue parrot that was bought from a dodgy UK pet shop. Leaving me to push the damn hunk of steel that weighs almost half a ton all the way back home.

So, while my arms have exploded from all the hard work that was suddenly forced upon them, I can at least bash my keyboard with my face and behold the lovely Valerie Espach, a martini drinkin’, pop rock listenin’ kind of gal that hails from Pretoria. She sounds like a fun lady, who is always up for a good time, and digs dirt biking, so she’s alright in my book.

In Other News: Australia finally grows up, Valve gets some protesters on their lawn and we realise that we owe Nintendo big time. Here’s the news we didn’t post, because we were too busy working out how to beat the odds at Vegas. We’ve got a foolproof system this time for winning.


Mad Catz is re-releasing Rock Band 3
Australia finally gets an R18 rating for games
Meet the cop in Dead Island who went bad 
Eiji Aonuma wants a Zelda movie
Watch the Sony GamesCom press conference from your PS Home
Fans picket outside Valve Studios, Newell takes notice


5 Reasons to ignore Modern Warfare 3
The debt that we owe Nintendo as gamers
Angry Birds 2 could be the biggest launch game in history
Will a less busty Lara Croft be successful?


Ridge Racer Unbounded- Create or destroy trailer
Bioshock Infinite- Creative direction interview
Borderlands 2 wish-list
Amazing Portal 2 tribute video

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