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In Other News – 11 February 2013

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Little Caprice

After battling with the post office, I am victorious! And not in a manner that only lasted ten rounds and involved banned substances, weighted gloves and ads all over the battle royale stream! I’m going to be hitting rAge this year again, and I’m looking to do it in costume once again. And witha  few new parts for my Ghostbusters kit on the way, it’s going to be pretty amn awesome. Plus, I’m not running the risk of heat-stroking inside some tight rubber again, nosirree.

In Other News: Rage gets modding, Sly Cooper gets a date, Resident Evil goes off the big screen, no fighting allowed between bronies, VR in Half Life 2 takes a creepy turn and some Pokémon facts that you might not know.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because I was too busy applying to be the next pope.


Rage mod tools are daunting, but might result in awesome games
Zynga on the rebound as shares hit a six month high
Knights of the Old Republic 2 studio has another Star Wars RPG idea if Disney is listening
Sly Cooper Thieves in time demo dated
Half Life 2 mod takes Oculus Rift to Ravenholm
Square Enix host registers Wolfenstein and Legacy of Kain domain names
Resident Evil Revelations Wii U supports off screen play
Unlicensed My Little Pony fighter shut down


Pokemon – 5 pokefacts that you probably didn’t know
Real World news turned video games
The making of Dune 2
Crysis 3 – Why stealth is better than shooting


Wastelandd 2 – First look
GRiD 2 – Sizzle teaser trailer
Resident Evil 6 – Story mode PC gameplay trailer

Across the Network

Pete Docter’s next Pixar film revealed
You can’t leave this spellbounding trailer for WW2 drama Lore
Heeeeere’s a trailer for The Shining documentary Room 237
And your BAFTA 2013 winners are…
Desperate dad calls in for desperate measures in this trailer for Hours
We Review Flight – A gripping substance abuse tale that ultimately gets preachy
Monday Box Office Report – Take an identity thief right into the danger zone
Watch all four Oscar nominated shorts right here

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Last Updated: February 11, 2013

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