In Other News – 12 August 2014

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Woo, what a busy day, amirite? By now, you’re probably sifting through all of the news that just came out of the Xbox press conference. Meanwhile, Al and I are resting our fingers for round 2, when Sony launches their event. Be sure to tune in for that. As usual, we’ll have live coverage, video and news reports of attendees drinking all the Kolsch beer available.

Today’s Tasty Tuesday snack is that American favourite, buffalo wings. And not just any buffalo wings mind you. I’m talking El Diablo, wings that taste like a hot kiss going down your throat, and burn like the vengeance of a brony scorned when they come out of your other end. Totally worth nibbling on however.

In Other News: A Hungry Horde descends upon your handheld, Night Trap returns, don’t expect a demo from that football game and Driveclub is going to park a few more cars in your garage.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy posting Craigslist notices for a Furry party at our German HQ.


Night Trap HD remake announced
The Hungry Horde announced for PS Vita
Madden NFL 15 will not get a demo this year
DriveClub’s special edition unlocks five cars
Super Smash Bros on 3DS is getting this neat Gameboy stage
How to (not) make a slumber party video game
Projectile fighting game Lethal League out this month on Steam
Gamemaker Studio gets Xbox One Windows export this year


If early access comes to consoles – Developers respond
When the aliens invade, be nice to them
Grapplig is one of the oldest sports in the world, so why can’t gaming do it properly?


Final Fantasy Record Keeper – Debut trailer
World Of Speed – Team racing trailer

What’s on at The Movies

Joseph Gordon Levitt is a man on the wire in The Walk
Warner Bros president discusses Batman V Superman reshuffling and how it’s a good thing for everybody
Marv is sinning in this Sin City: A Dame To Kill For trailer
Some elements of The Last Of Us movie will be very different
This trailer for Nightcrawler is looking for a job
Bond 24 update – Massive rewrites, Sam Smith to sing theme, Lea  Sedoux to star
Legendary comedian and actor Robin Williams dies at 63

Model: A plate of wings that sure as hell can’t fly fast enough to escape me.

Last Updated: August 12, 2014

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