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In Other News – 12 August 2015

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I think I need a holiday. I’m so tired and everyone in the Lazygamer office is so grumpy, but that could be because we are all channeling our inner Gavin for the month. That would also explain the horrible typos we’ve been inflicting upon Geoff. Either way, I’ve decided it’s time to go bury my toes in some sand, even if it’s that dodgy stuff at the local playground.

In Other News: Konami ditches old PES servers, H1Z1 battle royale goes Twitch, too many amazing videos and the problem of putting on pants is finally solved.

Here’s the news we didn’t post today because there, their and they’re.


Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord’s latest dev update shows too many things to count
Konami Shutting Down Online Servers For PES 2014
Evolve Update Adds New Trapper Character and Arena Mode Map
Want more Rock Band 4 songs? Pre-order on PSN with PS Plus


H1Z1 Battle Royale invitational confirmed for TwitchCon
How Players Evolved The Crew and Inspired Its Wild Run
EA Access could offer Xbox 360 games next, thanks to backwards compatibility
Researchers solve an age-old problem: How do you animate humans putting on trousers?


Sun, Sea and Scanned: A Flip-Flop Family Holiday by Club Med

7 Awesome Clues Hiding In The Background Of Video Games

The ABC of Sex Education for Trainables (1975) (NSFW)

Honest Trailers – 8 Mile

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land – First gameplay trailer

The Movies

New PRISON BREAK event series confirmed; first details emerge
Rumour: Fox considering swapping FANTASTIC FOUR 2 with DEADPOOL sequel in 2017
Midweek Movie Mouth-Off: Your favourite movie fight scene
CONSTANTINE will conjure up one more appearance on ARROW
This new trailer for JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS isn’t even at least a little bit outrageous
Catch a free screening of PUNK IN AFRICA this evening in Jburg

Last Updated: August 12, 2015

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