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In Other News – 12 November 2012

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Man, what a great weekend! You guys won’t believe it, but over here in PE, we experienced something rarer than unicorns. Something that the village elders have only spoken of in hushed whispers, around camp fires where we slowly roast copies of You magazine in order to create poison for our arrows. I’m talking about the legend of…warm weather!

In Other News: Oulast is after a mirrored edge, swallowing some lead to avoid the internet, Doom 3 gets steamy once again, Star Citizen offers some cockpit gifts, a visual guide for Halo Spartans and George Clooney goes to 1952.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because I was too busy inflating my Batman water wings so that I could go swimming.


Disney’s mobile social push improves its bottom line
Bookies tip Black Ops 2 for Christmas number one
Valve partners with Nexon to bring DOTA 2 to Japan and Korea
Minecraft Xbox 360 edition adds golden apples, fixes bugs
Doom 3 is back on steam
Outlast inspired by Mirrors Edge
14 year old swallows pencil lead to escape internet cafe addiction
Star Citizen adds cockpit decoration stretch goal


Now this is how you do Chun Li cosplay
10 outrageously difficult games from recent years
The art of Halo 4 Spartans
10 insanely awesome video game speed runs


Cargasm – Gameplay trailer
The Pinball Arcade – Developer Diary: Twilight Zone
Angry Video Game Nerd – The movie trailer

Across the Network

It’s creepy eyes and cowboys in this directorial debut for David Hayters’ Wolves
Maria Bello will be romancing the wolverine in Prisoners
Eric Bana may need to Beware the night
Star WARS Sequel news – Arndt confirmed as writer, more directors teased
Sony is going to book another stay in Hotel Transylvania
Michael Bay talks Transformers 4
Monday Box Office Report – 007 is 001
George Clooney likely to make contact with Brad Birds’ 1952

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Last Updated: November 12, 2012

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