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In Other News – 13 October 2011

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By now, most of you will be getting ready for another weekend of great gaming. It’s like Christmas has come early, what with Rage releasing last week, Forza 4 coming out tomorrow, and my personal dream game, Batman: Arkham City coming out next week Friday.

In fact, my fevered waiting for the new Batman game has gotten so bad, I’ve resorted to emulating my favourite vigilante and tried to fight crime in a homemade kit. Several stab wounds and broken ribs later, I’ve decided to be patient and rather hone my skills with the digital version of Batman next week.

Anyway, today’s lovely local lady is Chantelle Hammann, a Jozi party girl with a passion for scuba diving and one of the 100 sexiest women in the world.

In Other News: FIFA 12 is actually an RPG, our gaming music gets classy and we get groovy on our android devices.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because I was busy fixing the knife cuts on my tight leather batman costume. It’s sooooooo tight!


EA Considers FIFA 12 to be a RPG
Why THQ wanted Brock Lesnar in  WWE 12
Gamefreak considering Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire remakes
Everquest inducted into the GDC hall of fame
London Philharmonic Orchestra to release video game music album
IO Interactive: We want to make Absolution the best Hitman game
Duke Nukem 3D coming to Android devices
Batman: Arkham City leaked, beware of spoilers
Entire Red Faction Franchise for 75% on Steam


Do we even need gaming manuals anymore
Five gameplay changes the Pokémon franchise desperately needs
Tips and tricks for Battlefield 3 jet pilots
How to unlock the warthog in Forza 4
Top five myths about multiplayer skill


Forza 4 wheel buyers guide
Battlefield 3: Return to Battle interview
Need for Speed: The Run – Helicopter chase trailer

Model: Chantelle Hammann

Last Updated: October 13, 2011

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