In Other News – 14 April 2014

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I put it to you, the readers, that you knew we would post titillating images. I put it to you that you then put it to the images, images that wish they could put it to an end. Well who’s putting it now? In fact, I put it to you that I have no idea where the hell this joke is even going.

In Other News: Elder Scrolls buys low and sells high, Road Redemption rashes you in alpha, Olli Olli pulls a benihana on more consoles and Battlefield 4 breaks down again.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy measuring our feet.


Battlefield 4 death shield game-breaking bug discovered
The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot adds loot-fetching pets
Road Redemption alpha available now
Grave’s dynamic horror landscape shifts onto PC, Mac, Linux and Xbox
Chop up and equip your enemy body parts in Severed
Elder Scrolls Online marketplace helps players buy, sell and trade
Astebreed is a bullet-hell shooter where you fight aliens as a janitor
Olli Olli coming to PS4, PS3 and PC in July


Super Mario 64 feels great but plays like crap on the Oculus Rift
This War of Mine: a civilian survival story that is 11 Bit Studios’ ‘most important work ever’
All 32 NBA logos redesigned with Pokemon
Retrospective: Puyo Pop Fever


Bomb Buds – Launch trailer
Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark – Launch trailer
Pop Facts – Zelda 2: Japanese differences

What’s on at The Movies

Cinophile – Harvey
There’s only one Tatiana Maslany in these Orphan Black season 2 trailers and character posters
Highlights from the James Cameron AMA – Terminator, Aliens 5 and Avatar
Michael Bay talks Transformer: Age of Extinction plot details
Monday Box Office Report – Her name is Rio and she helps me hail Hydra
Director Bryan Singer spills some X-Men: Apocalypse details
It takes a barracuda to catch a shark in this trailer for A Most Wanted Man

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Last Updated: April 14, 2014

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