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In Other News – 14 December

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Right now, I’m busy packing my bag for a weekend up in Joburg for Lazyfest, and I need to make certain I have everything that I need. So far, I’ve got a kevlar vest, batman cowl, spare controller and up to date life insurance.

Best of all though, I’ve got a working close-range radar straight out of the Alien films, the ones that the marines used. I’ll be using it to keep safe from stick-poking shenanigans at Lazyfest. Must remember to watch the ceilings though. You lot are quite crafty after all.

In the mean time, have a look at our homegrown hottie of the week, brought to you by LW Mag, is Michelle Lieberthal, a Jozi girl who likes cats, movies and the beach. Sounds like my kind of girl.

In Other News: We find some dinosaur eggs on the Battlefield, we celebrate the anniversary of an iconic character and we wonder why the characters in a certain future Naughty Dog game looks so familiar.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because we were too busy trying to pick up the different acoustic modulations and reverberation resonance differences in a debate about a certain game.


Modern Warfare 3 to receive new modes this weekend
This Xbox sleeps with the fishes
Crash Bandicoot celebrates its 15th anniversary
Ninja Gaiden 3 to include DOA5 Demo
The Last of Us was supposed to debut at E3 2011
The making of a Transformers trailer so emotionally powerful, it moved its devs to tears
Dinosaur easter egg discovered in Karkand Island map in BF3
More free DLC coming to Warhammer Space Marine 


Ten games that make waiting for 2012 worthwhile
Five mode changes in MW3 that would make the game brilliant
Just what is the perfect controller?
The Last of us characters look awfully familiar
Will the future generation of consoles be about more than just graphics?


Screwattack: Top ten PC multiplayer games
The Humble Indie Bundle 4 debut trailer
Neverdead preview trailer

Model: Michelle Lieberthal

Last Updated: December 15, 2011

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