In Other News – 14 June Weekend Edition

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Almost time for the LG team to be reunited, as Geoff and Darryn wing their way home from ‘merica this weekend.  I am going to spend my freezing weekend playing games, the way winter intended it.  So enjoy your Friday and weekend – it might be our last semi-warm one for a while.

Seeing as you were all so nice to me about my video post, I decided that I’d finish off this week with a female header image.  Just to make you happy for the weekend.  Now, let this week teach you that you shouldn’t complain about the women that Darryn posts, no matter how they look!

In Other News: Spielberg hates on games (even though he’s make the Halo TV show – Ed: I was going to fix that but then Zoe is from Merica after all), Oddworld can’t self-publish on Xbox One so it won’t be there, and the Xbox One share video isn’t as funny as the PS4 one.


George Lucas and Steven Spielberg hate on video games

Witcher 3 developers so anti-DRM, causes Xbox One issues

No crossplay for Super Smash Bros.

New monsters for Monster Hunter 4

Double Fine has another two unannounced games in the works

No Oddworld on Xbox


More convincing argument for DRM?

Xbox One working with NASA

Things gaming companies get wrong about gamers


Completely unrelated, but Gilbert Gottfried made me laugh far too hard

Zero Punctuation rants about next-gen consoles

Call of Duty: Ghosts goes underwater

How to share games on Xbox One

Model: the NSFW Asa Akira

Last Updated: June 14, 2013

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