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In Other News – 14 November 2012

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Man, what a busy day. You might have noticed something a little different in our Halo 4 review today, and that’s a smexier layout. You can thank Geoff and Gavin for that, and look forward to more such content in the future. As soon as we recapture Geoff and chain him to his workstation that is. Progress!

In Other News: THQ says it ain’t got no credit…problems, Borderlands 2 gets patched, why STALKER 2 was a bust, an alien live story, a Lone Survivor on PS3 and what the inside of Saint Nicks’ workshop is really like.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy being face-kicked with stupid.


THQ expects to resolve credit problems
Wait, this might be the laziest Wii port ever
DmC demo hits Japan next week
Borderlands 2 on PC gets a massive patch
Lone Survivor migrating to PS3 and Vita
STALKER 2 collapse was a forced move, says Suvarium dev
Splinter Cell Blacklist offers a lesson in sneaking up on people


Remember, this is how Call of Duty games are made from now
It’s amazing how much less stressful online gaming is
Black Ops 2 weapons, broken down into tiny stats
Top Nine series that need a Wii U revival


Scribblenauts Unlimited – Wii U trailer
ZombiU – Multiplayer trailer
Rocksmith – Alternative Rock DLC trailer

Across the Network

Revenge is a dish best served nude in this red band trailer for Sushi Girl
Chris Hemsworth may be heading to the Candy Shop
Head to the North Pole in this new clip from Rise of the Guardians
The next Morgan Spurlock film is going to be about a boy band called One Direction?
Pompeii might be in for a little Snow
Midweek Mouth Off – Movies abroad
Star Wars Update: Directors shortlisted
This new trailer for The Host is the beginning of a love story – with aliens and cheese

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Last Updated: November 14, 2012

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