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In Other News – 16 March 2014

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Guys, go on without me. I’m not going to make it ‘cough’. This week has left me in ragged shape, at least let me sacrifice myself for the greater good and be remembe…Oh bloody hell, you guys buggered off a bit too quickly for my liking.

In Other News: Gears of War is ready to kill, prepare to trespass in Isla Sorna once again, Far Cry 3 sells plenty and that plane is coming after you in GTA 5.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today becauseheybiidyheeehebiddydee going goinggoingfroR1000 heybiddeheybiddeheydoIhearR1100 for a good excuse? Sold!


Last and current-gen versions of Minecraft compared
Jurassic Park Trespasser remake aims to make good on long-lost promises
So many games have been released on Steam this year
Bullet Witch resurrected for Xbox 360 Games on Demand
Far Cry 3 sales reach 9 million
New Gears of War will kill canon if it gets in the way of fun
Ultra Street Fighter 4 digital upgrades release June 3
GTA 5 glitch makes planes take off and hunt you


Talking a good game: game commentators on what it takes to cover eSports
Retrospective: Gitaroo Man
Lara Croft? More like Larry Croft
Does this look like a Magic The Gathering clone to you?


Jagged Alliance: Flashback – Early access trailer
Sniper Elite 3 – 101 trailer
Heavy Bullets – Early access trailer

What’s on at The Movies

Harrison Ford has officialy been offered a role in the Blade Runner sequel
The king of monsters almost had a very different look in Godzilla
This trailer for Monsters: Dark Continent ain’t scaring me
Movies Out Today – Monsters, maniacs and mad bad men
Don’t trust anybody in this trailer for Extant
Legends travel fast in this trailer for The Flash

Model: Ava Watts

Last Updated: May 16, 2014

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