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In Other News – 16 May 2012

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Olga Kurylenko

Man, can you believe that it’s Wednesday already? The week, as usual, has flown by with blistering speed, with hump day pretty much down for the count. Friday is almost here, along with one of my eagerly anticipated titles of the year, Max Payne 3.

I’m curious to see if Rockstar has been able to expand upon and improve what came before it in the first two games. Although with my bad Chuck-Luck, I’m anticipating that the moment I put the game in my console, either the power will go off, or I’ll be hit by a meteorite. Or perhaps both.

In Other News: Conan the Barbarian is on Facebook now, a certain messenger with parkour skills hints at a return, and Orlando Bloom is going to kill you with kindness and several harmful drugs.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because we were too busy with our stolen copper wire criminal syndicate gigs.


Battlefield Bad Company 3 and Mirrors Edge 2 show up on a CV
Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 gets a limited edition
Age of Conan patch adds Facebook integration
TERA receives its first update
Nomura talks Final Fantasy 7 remakes
Grab a fedora and help kickstart a Tex Murphy project
Next DLC pack for Mass Effect 3 shows up in Asian PSN store
Ubisoft earnings highlight that the next generation will be very viable and profitable


Five games that can boost Vita sales
The Nintendo Way – A new generation, a new revolution
Which video game world would you live in?
Diablo 3 class guide – What you need to know


A Game of Thrones – Author in-game cameo trailer
Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 2 – Launch Trailer
The Sandbox – Debut Trailer

Across the Networks

A bit of Fry and Laurie are teaming up for the Canterville Ghost
Adam McKay talks more Anchorman 2, a teaser trailer and poster, plus Ron Burgundy tweets!
Orlando Bloom is ready to do some harm in the trailer for The Good Doctor
Rachel McAdams gets sultry in these images and posters for Brian de Palmas Passion
Aaron Sorkin is writing a script for  a Steve Jobs movie. No, the other Steve Jobs movie
Find out where in the world Bradley Coopers’ ass has travelled in this trailer for Hit and Run
Midweek Mouth Off – The most overrated filmmakers
Those damn dirty apes are coming back for a sequel!
Homemade rocket explodes in the face of this man – Literally
Googles Project Glass may be more significantly gimped than promised
Greenpeace protests against Apple with ironic pods

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Last Updated: May 16, 2012

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