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In Other News – 17 April 2012

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Anyone who has met me, happens to know how my alcohol tolerance level happens to be non-existent. So I generally shy away from the stuff completely, and go completely straight-edge,  most of the time.

But recently, I’ve kinda taken a shine to Whiskey. Half a shot glass will still last me at least an hour, and mixing it with other drinks has proven to be quite delicious. My favourite so far though, has to be putting half a cap into a tall glass of Pepsi and- Why are you all staring at me with such judgemental eyes all of a sudden?

In Other News: SSX goes classy and classic, Alduin ain’t so exclusive anymore and Prototype 2 prepares to empty buckets of blood.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because I was too busy being shunned.


Prototype 2 is going to have double the blood of the original
Vigil dropped 20% of its content from Darksiders 2
CCP teases Vita Controller support for Dust 514
Skyrim Alduin statue and art book will be sold as seperate items
Iceburg to distribute Blades of time on PC
Miyamoto announces Pikmim on Wii U
Trials HD composer revealed
SSX gets some classic DLC


Fez collectibles guide
Learn, survive, escape. The game that Aliens: Colonial Marines won’t be
Assassin’s Creed and the Wii U revolution
The ten most sexually ambiguous video game characters


Starhawk – Single-player interview
Monster of Puppets – Gameplay trailer
The Network  – Debut trailer

Across the Networks

Sony adds a new digital and recording expansion to the PS3
These Mass Effect 3 figures might come with a happier ending
Google to take on Dropbox and Sugarsync
The creator of the Tupac talks about how he brought the legendary rapper to life
The worlds most expensive flash drive is quite groovy
Ridley Scott talks Prometheus, space jockeys and xenomorphs
Parents,like, totally won’t get this trailer of Miley Cyrus being all LOL
James Cameron wants your opinion on 3D movies
Dreamworks has a need for speed
More details revealed on the Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs movie
Darren Aronofskys’ Noah gets a release date, Jennifer Connelly in talks to join Russel Crowe
We Review Take Shelter – A powerfully dread-filled experience for the patient
Tom Hardy talks Bane, his costume, voice comparison to the Joker, plus new Dark Knight Rises images

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Last Updated: April 17, 2012

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