In Other News – 17 February 2015

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Today is Shrove Tuesday, which is a day of religious significance for many, something about Lent or something about atonement and self-denial and generally not being a prick. For the rest of us though, it’s pancake Tuesday. While here in South Africa, the pancake – what many others in the world would call a crepe – is traditionally eaten with sugar and cinnamon with perhaps a squeeze of lemon. Mayhaps it’s eaten as a savoury thing, stuffed with mince, or chicken and mushrooms or spinach and that’s all fine and well. The pancake I’ll be commemorating today, and really, really hoping I get to eat later is the blintz.

A pancake of Slavic origin, favoured in Eastern Europe, the blintz is a fried, filled pancake. Crispy and buttery, and more often than not  filled with a sweet, creamy cheese and eaten with a tart fruit or berry and perhaps some sour cream, it’s the stuff of dreams. Dreams that’ll kill you with cholesterol, but great dreams nonetheless.

In other news: Terraria’s going to an otherworld, have you TRIED THPINNING on the Xbox one, Honest Abe gets pushy and it’s a Mii!

Here’s the news we didn’t post because we were too sexy for our shirts.


Terraria: Otherworld brings RPG and strategy elements to Re-Logic’s sandbox
Roundabout spins onto Xbox One this Friday
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has now shipped 3 million units worldwide
Shadowrun: Hong Kong Kickstarter crosses $1 Million mark in final hours
Code Name S.T.E.A.M’s Abe Lincoln gets all pushy on his birthday
Nintendo is working on an app to bring your Miis to social networks
Live action Halo: Nightfall to release on March 17


Iconic Final Fantasy art
Darkest Dungeon might not be fun, but it is fascinating
Super Smash Bros is unbalanced, and that’s ok


Screamride – Launch trailer
Dragon Ball Xenoverse – Launch trailer

What’s on at The Movies

No BEVERLY HILLS COP 4 without a decent script, says Eddie Murphy
KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE – So what did you think?
It’s time to feed the darkness in this trailer for We Are Still here
It’s pure boxing in this trailer for CHAMPS
DEADPOOL casts Gina Carano as a Morlock; Colossus to feature in movie
This trailer for Cameron Crowe’s ALOHA will steamrolll you if you’re not watching

Last Updated: February 17, 2015