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In Other News – 17 May 2012 Homegrown Hottie Edition

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Thursday has once again delivered a smackdown of epic proportions to my nerdy frame. I’ve taken it like a man, curled up in a foetal position and screaming, but I’m pretty much beaten. Fortunately, I’ve managed to reach the ropes and tap in Friday, which is proceeding now to deliver hopeful blows with its Saturday and Sunday fists.

Man, I must really be tired. I mean, what the hell did I just write?

Our Homegrown Hottie for today is Denise Schoeman, a Knysna babe who digs guys with sexy smi les, a sense of humor and exotic accents. Hey, I fit 66.66% of those turn-ons! Read more about her here.

In Other News: Tony Hawk goes classic with the DLC, Crysis has some more details on its Ramboesque weaponry, Elijah Wood is going to scalp you and absolutely insane video game patents.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because I was too busy looking for my eyes after seeing the new Borderlands 2 Collectors Editions.


Portal 2 update fixes Puzzle maker issues
Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD will have DLC
Latest Metal Gear Rising image teases a big shell
Diablo on consoles will need to be totally redesigned
Dark Horse comics will release an exclusive Darksiders 2 comic
New bow images and specifications for Crysis 3
Pachter – Casual gamers will never buy consoles again
Gotham City Imposters gets new Steampunk DLC


Lining up to buy a game for those you love
The six most disappointing games of this generation
Four insanely specific video game patents you won’t believe that actually exist
Fifty useful hints, tips and tricks for Diablo 3


Epic Mickey 2 – Developer Diary
Tank Wars – Debut Trailer
The Secret World – Developer Diary: Combat and Arms
Ravaged – Gameplay trailer

Across the Networks

Viruses tapped to provide energy
Ice Cream for all!
PC Users are a bunch of dirty pirates
SSD drives with self destruct buttons are now a reality
These models are wearing pure light in this photo shoot
Guilty Pleasures – Hudson Hawk
John Woo eyes Day of the Beast in his remake iron-sights
SPOILER WARNING! – Full scene descriptions for Man of Steel have appeared online, I try my best not to read them
Redbull is going to give Oliver Twist some parkour flavoured wings
Morgan Freeman is going to party with Robert Deniro and Michael Douglas in Last Vegas
This creepy new trailer for Possession is living inside you
Elijah Wood is a maniac in this new NSFW trailer
James Badge Dale gets villainous for Iron Man 3

Model: Denise Schoeman

Last Updated: May 17, 2012

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