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In Other News – 17 November 2014

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It’s the start to yet another beautiful week of work. And I think by now I may be running on fumes, which I have clearly been huffing if I just described work as “beautiful”. Still, at least I get to interact with your lovely faces every day, so there’s something to look forward to. Holy crap, these fumes must be ridiculously strong if I just said. I sure hope they don’t make me type things out that I shouldn’t…

In Other News: Black flags are no match for Unity, Final Fantasy talks about 1080ps in our time, get early access to a satellite and it’s the final stand for Battlefield DLC.

Here’s the news we didn’t post today, because I was too busy warning the other shops in the mall of approaching Mormons.


Assassin’s Creed Unity outsells Black Flag in debut week in UK
Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend coming to Steam
A demo for PES 2015 is now available through Steam
Early access for Satellite Reign begins this December
Battlefield 4: Final Stand DLC launches this week
Twin stick shooter We Are Doomed flying to PS4 and Vita
Watch 10 minutes of Final Fantasy XV gameplay in 1080p
Human Element no longer F2P, still aiming for November 2015


The Super Shinobi II: Tomoyuki Ito on the making of a Mega Drive classic
Attack on Titan mini-titan is certainly freaky
Digital Foundry 2014 vs Far Cry 4
Huge crowd at Pikachu parade causes safety concerns


Wickland – Early access trailer
Lords Of The Fallen – Dev diary: The Look
This War of Mine – Launch trailer

What’s on at The Movies

This new trailer for Jupiter Ascending will lift you up
Universal’s monster universe to be action-adventure, not horror
Monday Box Office Report – Things get dumb
Director James Gunn updates again on Guardians Of The Galaxy 2
Prepare for a redesigned Ghostface in MTV’s Scream
Glen A Larson, writer-producer of your favourite shows from the 1970-80s, has passed away

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Last Updated: November 17, 2014

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