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In Other News – 18 May 2015

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Ladies and gentlemen, I have decided to get EXTREME! No, I’m not having horrible relations with a GoPro camera again. Instead, I’ve decided to finally learn how to skateboard, 20 years after it was last considered cool to do so. My pants are baggy, my cap is positioned like a drunk peacock showing off and I’ve got an iPod filled with Blink 182 tunes. Expect this new foray into EXTREME to be documented and uploaded soon.

In Other News: Battlefield 4 gets some new squads, a legend launches in July, GTA 5 has sold a ton in the UK guv and every single one of those bloody fairies from the Zelda games.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because I was a skater boi and she said she’d see me later boi.


Square Enix reschedules E3 showcase to avoid clash with Nintendo
HonorBuddy bot users banned from World of Warcraft
Battlefield 4 gets new Squad Conquest mode
Rival Kingdoms downloaded 1m times in first week
GTA 5 physical sales top 5 million in UK alone
Guild Wars 2 to get grimmer with Reaper specialization
Atelier studio’s new JRPG looks dark and wonderful
Legends of Eisenwald launching in July


Seeing Red: The story of CD Projekt
Every fairy from The Legend of Zelda, even the hideous ones
Rich Stanton on: The Koj delusion
There’s Metal Gear Solid hiding in this week’s My Little Pony


Warframe – Den of Kubrow: Bonus Weeks Trailer
Etrian Odysseyy Untold II: Knight of Fafnir – Arianna trailer
Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns – The Reaper gameplay trailer

What’s on at The Movies

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD – So what did you think?
Kate Beckinsale confirmed for fifth UNDERWORLD
Monday Box Office Report – Sons of pitches
Jay Baruchel to direct GOON 2: LAST OF THE ENFORCERS
CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR set pics/video show first look at Crossbones, Falcon and more!
We get the world we deserve in this new trailer for TRUE DETECTIVE season two

Model: Iron Men

Last Updated: May 18, 2015

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