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In Other News – 20 February 2012

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Malin Akerman

So, I trust everyone had a great weekend? Mine was especially awesome. I ate fantastic seafood with good friends, finished all the DLC for Borderlands, hit a moderate jackpot at the casino, ate more meat and started putting together a new batsuit.

Yep, it surely was a magical weekend, thanks in no doubt to that bargain I struck with the very nice gentlemen who wore red and smelled like fire and brimstone, it seems that I have another two whole weekends of awesome ahead of me still.

Now if only I could do something about that recurring dream where imps jab my gluteus maximus with sharp pitchforks, life would be hunky-dory.

In Other News: Ninja Gaiden crosses the language barrier, Starbreeze wishes that they could have spent more time on Syndicate and we have a look at promising Vita launch games.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because I was too busy going down to Chinatown after buying an iOS GTA game for under a dollar.


Double Fine kickstarter adventure passes $2 million mark
EA and Crytek are working on a new project
Crysis graphic novel arrives soon
Nintendo 3DS sales hit 5 million in Japan
Postal 3 drags its carcass onto Steam
Ninja Gaiden 3 to have english and Japanese voice tracks
Is id working on DLC for Rage?
Starbreeze admits that it wanted more time with Syndicate, still pleased by the end result


Gamers, I am disappoint…Again
The 7 most promising Vita launch games
11 hardly seen sequels to popular video games
The quality of life in virtual worlds


Sleeping Dogs – Wake up interview and trailer
Inside Ghost Recon – Animation and mocap trailer
Xenoblade Chronicles – Extended trailer

Across the Networks

Is this the best ad for a technical college ever?
VLC 2.0 Is now available
Now you too can play with remote control cars on your iPhone
Credit card theft might soon be a thing of the past, in the future
New images for Snow White and the Huntsman appear
The new Prometheus international trailer is certain that something ‘might be wrong’
John Turtorro possibly up for some pain and gain with Michael Bay
Dean Parisot prepares to direct a Red sequel
Yes, there is a new ‘I am legend’ in the works, but Will Smith isn’t attached to it…Yet

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Last Updated: February 20, 2012

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