In Other News – 21 January 2013

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My diet is starting to scare me. It’s making me see…things. Like just the other day, I looked down and saw two hideous mutant faces staring back at me. I’m convinced that they’re pure evil, and not these “feet” things that I may have forgotten about since I got fatter than a passenger on a government gravy train. What other horrors will weight loss show me?

In Other News: Kojima teases quite the Quiet figure, that damn cat is back, Lionhead ain’t all about Fable and the PS4 isn’t starving.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy killing for cupcakes.


Project Zomboid getting multiplayer
Don’t Starve PS4 has over 1 million players, PS Vita edition being investigated now
Fight your wizard friends in XCOM creator’s Chaos Reborn
Lionhead confirms its working on non-Fable projects
Catlateral Damage is getting stealth destruction stages and more
Titanfall open beta possible says community manager
Kojima teases play-Arts Kai Quiet figure
Dark Souls 2 achievements revealed


Gone Home demonstrates the power of building a place, not just a game environment
The Making Of: Papers, Please
Now these are some next-gen visuals
My dream Nintendo doesn’t make consoles


Octodad: Dadliest Catch – PS4 trailer
Gran Turismo 6 – Toyota FT1 trailer
The Witcher – Adventure game trailer

What’s on at The Movies

This trailer for Child of God is plenty mean and mad
We Review 12 Years A Slave – An emotionally harrowing statement on slavery
Angelina Jolie is not afraid in this new trailer for Maleficent
Producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura talks Transformers: Age of Extinction
We don’t kill in this first trailer for Son of Batman
This trailer for 300: Rise of an Empire gives you the ecstasy of steel and flesh
Batman vs Superman and Justice League rumour updates

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Last Updated: January 21, 2014

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