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In Other News – 21 May 2014

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Earlier today, I saw a quick cartoon for Scottish Batman, that had me giggling. And thinking. Always a dangerous combination. But it made me think, what if Superman was South African? What would he sound like? A part of me hopes that he has that rather specific Jozi accent. “Truf, justice and it’s time to klap gym boets! Up, up and away! WHAT’S A TEXI DOING IN MAH AIRSPACE CHAAINA?!”

In Other News: Bruce Lee still has it, little brats with the Oculus Rift, Hyrule has a few unexpected warriors and Doom is looking good.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy having an urge to play Snake on a Nokia 5110.


Elder Scrolls Online updates Crypt of Hearts
Oculus Rift joins the Chuck E Cheese cast
EA Sports UFC’s Bruce Lee looks deadly in this new gameplay
EA Sports FIFA world plays footsie with PC in open beta
Tomodachi Life will come with 2 free trial codes
Sadness continues its vaporware saga on Wii U
Wasteland 2 to release end of August
Hyrule Warriors has unexpected playable characters


Landmark is the ambitious sandbox aiming to map out the future of player creativity
RedLynx on taking Trials next-gen
Hey, you can’t park that there
Doom mod makes the game looks very 21st century


Leo’s Fortune – Launch trailer
Real World Racing – Zombie DLC trailer
Sniper Elite 3 – Hunt for Grey Wolf trailer

What’s on at The Movies

The new batsuit from Batman vs Superman is probably blue and grey
Sharlto Copley talks Chappie
This trailer for Monty Python Live is a bit silly
Manners maketh the secret agent in this trailer for Kingsman: The Secret Service
This trailer for I wish I was here has so much bad news all at once
Look at all of Matt Smith’s muscles in this teaser trailer for Lost River
Midweek Mouth-Off – Godzilla, what did you think?

Model: Giorgia Cosplay ,photo by Daniele Faccioli

Last Updated: May 21, 2014

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