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In Other News – 21 May 2015

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People know that a zombie comes out of that F$#&ing police car later in the story

Is this really winter? The sun is shining, I’m wearing one layer of clothing, and I can still feel my hands. I think the weather is confused. Has anybody informed mother nature that we are nearing the end of May – prime cold time? I want my winter now please, not during September! Obligatory ION introduction complete… let’s talk about an old game!

For many, their first Resident Evil memories likely lie with the first or second titles. I played them, yes, but not very much because due to the lack of a memory card (and bravery), I could never reach the end of either. No, my first glorious Resident Evil memories exist thanks to the third title in the franchise, which I finally managed to finish after much soiling and sweating all those years ago.


Players took the role of Jill Valentine, one of the protagonists from the first game. They had to help her survive Racoon City, a place filled to the brim with the undead and other nasty monsters looking for their next meal.

And this is why the game stands out. One nasty in particular was good at dogging Jill’s footsteps throughout the entire campaign, becoming a bigger problem with each encounter. I am of course speaking of the game’s namesake, Nemesis.


That bastard had one mission; to kill, destroy, or obliterate you, and he never rested for a single second. It wasn’t uncommon for him to turn up at the worst of times, either with his bare fists (which really hurt), or with a rocket launcher. Nothing got my heart racing more in that game than those times he showed up to make my life hell.

It’s the one PlayStation 1 title I finished over and over again. I got so good that I eventually challenged myself to do runs without weapons, or finish it as fast as I could while ignoring everything but compulsory bosses. To do this day, I am proud that I finished the title in little over an hour, as nothing more than a kid.

Have you played the game? Did you enjoy it?


In Other News: Somebody gets bummed out, cute ogres, a tool for making video games, and fancy hipster Sega prints.

Here’s all the news we didn’t post today because we were too busy ignoring all the cat hissing coming out of the tank.


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Learn How To Make Real Life Predator Arm Blades
Gallery launches range of arty Sega prints


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The Evil Within: The Executioner trailer shows first-person slashing

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The Movies

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Recess is over in this trailer for COOTIES

Model: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Last Updated: May 21, 2015

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