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In Other News – 22 November 2011

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Now, anyone who is familiar with my rants and tweets will know by now that I’m a pretty huge nerd. I love my comics, I love my random technology that will eventually doom us all, and I certainly do love my British sci-fi.

So it was with great glee yesterday that I received my sonic screwdriver, based on the prop tool from Doctor Who, one of my favourite shows. And just like in the TV show, it doesn’t work on wood. Both kinds. But hey, at least my cat thinks its cool, and its really useful when I want to surprise eye-gouge someone.

In Other News: Metal Gear gets a date, some new handheld gaming technology is coming our way and we get spiffy with some Diablo 3 clothing.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because a certain new draconian information bill prohibited us from doing so.


Battlefield 3 outsells the first two Bad Company games
Diablo 3 clothing is now available
Metal Gear Solid 3D dated for Japan
Street Fighter X Tekken character reveal date disclosed
New handheld gaming device is on the way
Ken Levine criticises modern video game storytelling
Disney Universe DLC launched
Square Enix: We may release a new Final Fantasy game every 1-2 years


Mario Kart Retro Tracks: What has changed and what’s new
The ten most difficult Zelda Dungeons ever
A meditation on difficulty
Five WTF moments in Skyrim


The making of StarHawk
Warhammer Online Hero Spotlight
Retro City Rampage launch trailer

Model: Mary Castro

Last Updated: November 22, 2011

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