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In Other News – 23 August 2013 Weekend Edition

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Jessica Marie

Man, it is a bloody good weekend for gaming. We’ve got new releases, we’re close to payday and by running a bath for your missus complete with bubbles and scented candles, you’re guaranteed a good 45 minutes in front of the console. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

In Other News: Wind Waker gets tough, Borderlands gets retro, an old voice returns to Killer Instinct, Ben Affleck is Batman and the revolucion begins next year.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because I was too busy making this Ben Affleck Batman reaction video.


EA insists that it still has a very good relationship with Sony
Wind Waker HD’s Hero mode fixed to be more challenging
Killer Instinct’s original announcer will return
Let’s take a look at the non-swappable Skylanders
Murumasa Rebirth landing in Europe this fall
Gamestop predicts the biggest console launch ever
Tropico 5’s revolucion begins April 2014
First Yakuza Isshin screenshots released


A retro Borderlands 2 would look rad, here’s proof
David Cage will put you to sleep
This developer wants to jumpstart Africa’s games industry


Insurgency – Beta trailer
Gone Home – Launch trailer
Command and Conquer – Gamescom tank build trailer

What’s on at The Movies

Many people wish for death in this first trailer for Pompeii
This trailer for The Book Thief wasn’t always mine
Terry Gilliam talks Zero Theorem, plus first image and poster
Friday Fright Club – Cabin Fever
Movies out today – It’s all about the big name buddy team-ups
It’s official, Ben Affleck will be Batman! No seriously

Model: Jessica Marie

Last Updated: August 23, 2013

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