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In Other News – 24 July 2014

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When we last left Boet-Man and Rippin’, they were stuck in a death-trap orchestrated by that fiendish Chaaina Prince of Crime, the Oke’er! Can Boet-Man escape the deadly device without his trusty protein powder shakes? Will Rippin’ ever klap with that sweet Betty known as Boet-Girl? And will the Boet-Mobile ever get those lekker new rims for Christmas? Tune in this week to find out!

In Other News: Risen 3 goes back to its roots, engage tinfoil haberdashery for Majestic Hats, go retro online with GTA and perhaps far too many screenshots of The Last Of Us Remastered have just popped up.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy forcing Matty to wear a slave girl Leah outfit for more awkward Star Wars photos.


Piranha wants to go back to its roots for Risen 3
Jazzy noir stealth game Third Eye Crime lands on Steam
Sonic Boom also has characters not covered in tape
Alternate 1980s RPG Majestic Nights is one big conspiracy
New Oculus Rift dev kits begin shipping
MLG suspends pro Call Of Duty player over repeated harassment
New GTA Online missions pay tribute to old GTA games
Do you want to look at 166 screenshots of The Last Of Us Remastered?


Huge Minecraft desert city was built by one player over months
What if you could play all the PC on a tablet?
Stars, stars everywhere


NHL 15  – Superstar skill stick
Persona 4 Arena  Ultimax – Rise trailer
EA Sports UFC – Free content update trailer

What’s on at The Movies

Walt Disney Africa showcase – Part 1
Amazing Spider-Man 3 pushed back to 2018, Sinister Six dated for 2016
We Review Cold Harbour – A moody crime drama undone by some fumbles
Top List Thursdays – The Top Ten grossing movies of 2014…so far
Steven Moffat talks Doctor Who – It’s not a fairy tale
Gotham showrunner Bruno Heller talks Hugo Strange, Two-face and the origins of Arkham
Miss Julie gives Colin Farrell some nasty thoughts in this first trailer

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Last Updated: July 24, 2014

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