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In Other News – 24 June 2014

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BUT FOR ME IT WAS SIMPLY TUESDAY! Yes my fine chums, we have come to another part of the week that is now only technically 20% over. Go home to your families. Embrace your loved ones as the cold sets in. Await the eventual entropy that is the heat death of the universe. Realise that I’ll waffle on about practically anything.

In Other News: Iwata needs a get-well soon card, Ubisoft wasn’t comfortable with all those ninnies having a childish reaction to the Far Cry 4 box art, Gone Home to a Dim Bulb and even Xbox is having a sale.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy taping our nipples up for some weekend pain-ball.


Far Cry 4 box art assumptions were  uncomfortable says Ubisoft
Xbox Live sale cuts prices of 27 Xbox 360 games
PS4 firmware update 1.72 is live
PS4 exclusive Batman Arkham Knight content teased
Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata missed E3 to have surgery
Gone Home co-creator opens new studio, Dim Bulb games
Former The Last Guardian devs unveil open world adventure game Vane
More than half of UK game studios employ four or less people


A diary of my first day at Pokemon Art Academy
Too many PC games are a pain to get running right
Postcards From The Clipping Plane: the cyclical nature of game development
A history of videogame hardware: Nintendo 64


Skyforge – E3 2014 trailer
Divinity: Original Sin – Features trailer
SMITE – Ra’America trailer

What’s on at The Movies

You should be watching – The 100
Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes has made a quantum leap forward in visual effects
There are no heroes in this latest trailer for The Purge: Anarchy
Rumour – Sylvester Stallone is coming back for Rambo V
Batman vs Superman rumours – Wonder Woman’s costume, Batman’s hideout and Lex Luthor’s motivations
This trailer for The Wedding Ringer just got a little excited

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Last Updated: June 24, 2014

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