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In Other News – 24 May 2013 Weekend Edition

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Weekend baby! Once again, I’ve got plans. Plans to soundproof the area around my bed, so that I can finally get some sleep when my neighbour decides to work on his stock car for the next rally, at three in the freakin’ morning. Oh well, at least my sleep disorder isn’t biological, but more mechanical in nature. Remember, you’re reading this early today because we’re abut to be on the receiving end of a rather necessary server upgrade. 

In Other News: Objections on iOS, Forza gets box-arty, Mortal Kombat has something to show you, Turtle Beach has plans and the most dysfuntional fake family ever.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because ze Germans were taking over.


Forza 5 Xbox One box art revealed
Live action Payday series wants to rob you blind
Kinect for Windows will be available in 2014
Two whole screenshots for Mortal Kombat on PC
Turtle Beach announces plans to sell Xbox One headsets
Phoenix Wright HD trilogy enters iOS courtrooms on May 30
Ninja Theory teases reveal today
SimCity 4.0 update detailed


Game of Thrones characters are bad 90s stereotypes
Top 5 troll villains in gaming
Classic video games with real life backdrops
I’m ashamed to be a British gamer


Destiny – Law of the jungle trailer
Dead or Alive 5 – Ultimate features trailer
Company of Heroes 2 – Story trailer

What’s on at The Movies

Damon Lindelof reveals the origin of Tomorrowland
Don’t go chasing waterfalls in this hilarious red band trailer for We’re the Millers
Movies out today – The need for speed, singers and sex
Friday Fright Club – The Mist
Vince Vaughn is your daddy 533 times over in this trailer for Delivery Man
Run faster in Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox
Loki is a grungy vampire in these first look pics for Only lovers left alive

Model: Kimberly “NSFW” Kisselovich

Last Updated: May 24, 2013

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