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In Other News – 25 February Weekend Edition

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It’s another week done and dusted it seems, with a weekend of quality gaming lying ahead. Whether you’re picking up one of many new releases today, or are plonking your butt down for some serious time with your new and shiny PS Vita, there’s plenty to do digitally.

Me? I’m going to get creative. I’ve been dying to build a proper green screen for the website videos, and now that I have the proper material and lighting, I can start maxing out my craftsmanship skills.

Although Geoff has bet me R50 that I’ll somehow cut my remaining fingers off again, much like what happened last year in the “Benoni Incident”, something which we swore to never speak about again…

In Other News: Sam Fisher heads to windows phones, Playboy loves the PS vita and why Mass Effect might just be the greatest sci-fi story of recent history.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because I was too busy checking to see if I had enough explosive canisters around my welding kit and it’s exposed wiring that was covered in oily rags.

This week on Lazygamer

FFD: Do you prefer your gaming news online or in print?
UFC Undisputed 3 Review – Fighters pride
Lazygamer TV Readers Choice Edition – Ten more DLC games to play
Show how well you handle your sword this weekend with Soul Calibur V
Playstation Vita Launch – The gallery
FIFA on the Vita is incredible – My two minutes of glory
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Review – Schrodingers cat
Moosas Musings – So open ended the fun fell out
Want a Diablo 3 beta code? Here’s your chance


Left 4 Dead 2 update makes refinements to campaigns
Splinter Cell Conviction heads to Windows 7 phones
Batman Arkham City Lockdown app update is now available
PSN maintenance on March 1st
Project Ogre – New information
Gotham City Impostors is getting free DLC
Playboy teams up with the PS Vita
Game of Thrones hardcover art book unveiled


Top ten hidden characters in fighting games
Why Mass Effect is the best science fiction series in recent history
Gaming’s next legal hotbed
Is the Wii U a disaster waiting to happen?


Guild Wars 2 – PvP gameplay
Starhawk – Public beta trailer
Dark Summoner – Debut teaser

Across the Networks

Star Wars the Phantom Menace is now a billionaire
James Woods is a Jamesy Boy
Paul Gimatti, Samuel L Jackson and Ryan Reynolds get Turbo
Prepare to be oblivioned with the new trailer for Wrath of the Titans
Rockules? Dwayne Johnson is in talks for Brett Ratners Hercules film
Movies out today – It’s time for an action packed weekend
New TV spot and images for The Hunger Games
New poster and trailer for Pixar’s Brave
A 35 foot long camera that took ten years to build
NECA Confirms that they will make official Valve merch, including the Portal gun
Worried about food poisoning? Let you Smartphone put your fears to rest

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Last Updated: February 24, 2012

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