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In Other News – 25 May 2012 Weekend Edition

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Alexis Lopez

Weekend time! Free at last, and it feels good! While I’ll be practicing my skills online in some choice games, I’ll also be catching up on some must-see flicks, so that I can finally get that lynching mob and their noose off of my back/neck.

We’ve got another ION submission today, from Michael Finlay. Remember, if you dig it, then give the ION a like, and keep sending your submissions to gavin@lazygamer.net.

In Other News: Frank Drebin takes on Arnie, Metal Gear shall rise before E3, Konami may have stolen millions of dollars and Lucasarts has a secret title coming up soon.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because I FINALLY GOT A SPORTS JOKE!

This week on Lazygamer

Spec Ops The Line Preview – The horror, the horror!
The Evopoints download of the week – 25/05/2012
Lazygamer TV – Five awesome anime games
How much time do you spend playing mobile games?
My zombie cheerleaders, bring all the boys to the yard, and they’re like “What’s with those scars?”
Sorcery Review – Harry Who?
Happy 20th Birthday Mortal Kombat! Let’s celebrate with Kake and a retrospektive
Mares of War 3 is the my little pony game that I really wanted
Do you agree with premium priced games?
Sniper Elite V2 Review – Sniping Private Ryan
Diablo 3 – Megarom LAN Edition


More Metal Gear Rising footage will be shown before E3
IT Crowd writer Graham Lineman questions the storytelling of Rockstar
Bank accuses Konami of $14 million fraud
Anarchy Reigns gets some demo details
Metro Last Light Dev – Accessibility isn’t the same as dumbed down
Mass Effect 3 – Operation Shieldwall, this weekend
Lucasarts to reveal secret title at E3


Ghost Recon Future Soldier class guide
What peripherals can tell you about gamers
Five video game delays that hit us the hardest
12 games boycotted for incredibly stupid reasons


Darksiders II – Death Strikes Part 2
DiRT Showdown – Crash Montage

DARK – Debut trailer
Sleeping Dogs – Gameplay 101 trailer
Metro Last Light – Enter the Metro short film

Across the Networks

Bradley Cooper has an American Sniper in his crosshairs
Looks like GI Joe Retaliation is going to add some new scenes for that extra dimension
Ashley Hamilton may have some Firepower in store for Iron Man 3
Friday Fight Club – It’s a cop out!
Mads Mikkelsen to come under the hammer in Thor 2, may be joined by The Enchantress
11 new stills for the Dark Knight Rises
Movies out today – Upping the star wattage
Heads will roll in this Red Band trailer for Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
This is the first video from Googles Project Glass
The New Yorker is planning on tweeting an 8500 word story
R U A Cyberpunk?

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Last Updated: May 25, 2012

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