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In Other News – 26 June 2014

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Friday, you could not have come soon enough. By now, everyone is fatigued and ready to hit the town and live it up! Testicles to that idea, it’s cold outside. Instead, I’m going to get a flask ready, wrap myself up tight and enjoy performing sex change ops with bullets on Nazi soldiers in Sniper Elite 3.

In Other News: Mario Kart 8 races to two million victory laps, Titanfall drops some new DLC later this year, Call of Duty doubles up and what happened to all the video game manuals?

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy being the cheapest drug there is.


Mario Kart 8 has sold two million copies
Fairy Fencer F is headed for Europe this September
Bayonetta director teases more Nintendo-themed costumes
Catlateral Damage has reached its oh-so destructive Kickstarter goal
SNK’s musical brawler The Rhythm of Fighters out now on iOS
Titanfall DLC 2 and 3 has a drop date
Nexon working with Sleeping Dogs dev on free game
Call of Duty Ghosts Double XP weekend begins


A history of videogame hardware: Nintendo GameCube
Genre reinvention and digital nostalgia for the tangible in Hitman Go
Hollywood directors gush weirdly over Metal Gear trailer
The slow disappearance of the video game manual


Dead Island: Epidemic – Gameplay overview trailer
Insomnia – Gameplay trailer
Pure Pool – Debut trailer

What’s on at The Movies

This first trailer for Dracula Untold needs a monster
Guillermo Del Toro will return to direct Pacific Rim 2 for a 2017 release
Movies out today – Life-altering decision and costume drama
Here’s the trailer for Linkin Park’s Joe Hanhn’s directorial debut Mall
The Interview will start the next world war
Stay right where you are in this new trailer for Child of God
Director Robert Orci talks Star Trek 3 – Deep space and new territory

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Last Updated: June 27, 2014

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