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In Other News – 26 September 2011

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Anna Simon

We’re sorry. Not like in a fake Tony Hayward way, but we’re genuinely sorry to those of you who are only reading this message now, after missing out on all the usual witty banter and latest news from the gaming industry today.

We’ve had a few problems today, and we’ve been hard at work to sort them out, but lately, death threats aren’t as effective as they usually are. Still, everything should be running smoother than a greased up Geoff soon, so don’t panic and remain calm.

In Other News: Dark Souls get a little less dark, we get some more info on Agent 47 and we train our ears for the Battlefield.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because we were busy trying to hunt down Gremlins.With flamethrowers.


LA Noire complete edition is on the way?
Wipeout on the PS Vita is comparable to the PS3 version visually
Overstrike might be a little different depending on your platform
Dark Souls Collectors Edition gets a slight downgrade
DICE On the importance of sound in games
New Ace Combat: Assault Horizon screenshots
Rocksteady says that the PC version of Batman Arkham City will be worth the extra wait
Hitman Absolution to have a more personal story
Bioware isn’t planning on adding a lifetime subscription option for the Old Republic


5 Sci-Fi technologies achieved by hacking the Kinect
Why Formula 1 shouldn’t have a video game
Why do we like Kratos?
Top 25 landmark FPS games
The greatest monkeys in gaming history


One whole hour of Dark Souls gameplay
The unused Gears of War trailer
Forza 4 Trans Am gameplay
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations Rasengan trailer

Model: Anna Simon

Last Updated: September 26, 2011

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