In Other News – 27 August 2014

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Stupid Work Avoidance Wednesday. I keep telling Geoff that I won’t click his links, but I always do and then I goof off for the rest of the day. I mean… um, of course I have all the reviews ready for all the things ever.

In Other News: Classic Megaman returns, Lindsay Lohan is just cray cray, and sperm is important even during war.

Here’s all the news we didn’t post today because we were too busy becoming real boys.


Playstation-era Mega Man X games coming to PS3 and Vita
PSN gets Pax-themed sale
Stand-alone Kinect to retail for $150
Lindsay Lohan is desperate for attention
Riot tests insta-ban
Nintendo confirms DLC pricing


Third person Oculus Rift game is rad
Kickstart Parkitect
Palestinian developers care about sperm
Earthbound turns 20Hearthstone reimagined
7 games that look ancient compared to their sequels


Learn about Castlevania’s history

Explore Skywind

PS4 Warframe update is awesome


Monty Python goes full monty
Trailer for the Brittany Murphy Story
Your thoughts on this year’s Emmy winners
Check this IMAX TV spot for Interstellar
We review Lucy
New look at the Flash
No escape in this cursed trailer for The Pyramid

Model: TMNT Party Wagon NES

Last Updated: August 27, 2014

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