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In Other News – 27 September 2011

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I think the Lazygamer curse has finally caught up to me. We all know that Nick suffers from various ailments due to that mummies curse he picked up while in Egypt,  Gavin has a regular battle with super-manflu, and Geoff has somehow managed to pump out stories while suffering from various sleep-deprived hallucinations.

Me, I’ve been getting toothaches lately, but its ok, because I found a great way to numb the pain. See, if I just gargle some whiskey, then I’m right as rain. Only downside is, I can’t play any driving games right now without killing every digital pedestrian in sight.

In Other News: Everybody’s favourite silent protagonist returns, Bioware gets risky, and we use a Lancer rifle to kick some Pokémon ass.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because right now, I’m pretty certain that I’m over the national journalism drinking limit again.



New Wii Fit Plus bundle revealed
Halo 4 departure hasn’t affected team morale says 343 Studios
Bioware talks about taking risks
Why Aliens: Colonial Marines will be nothing like Left 4 Dead
Crytek says that Homefront 2 will be the best game that they have ever released
No more villain reveals for Batman: Arkham City, Robin trailer imminent
EA explains why the new Syndicate game is a FPS title
Gordon Freeman returns next month
Uncharted 3 trophy list leaks out
Gears of War 3 outsells Pokémon


The worst music games ever
The best gaming junk food
5 Directors who would make a kickass Gears of War movie
Whatever happened to PC game demos?
5 Things the video game industry keeps doing wrong


House of the Dead Overkill: Opening Cinematic
Hector Badge of carnage: Episode 3 trailer
X-Men Destiny Launch trailer
The Dark Meadow Launch trailer

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Last Updated: September 27, 2011

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