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In Other News – 28 September

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1465-Vera Jordanova

I’ve got nothing. Generally I’ll write something that is hopefully humorous and will persuade you all to carry on reading, but today has just been relentless and tiring. In between all the usual death threats and thinly veiled insults directed at my terrible love life while in the office today, I’ve just run my witty banter tank completely dry.

In Other News: Dark Souls gets even harder, the multiplayer gamers that everyone loves and a film announced, based solely on a video game trailer.

Here’s the news we didn’t post, because Geoff and Gavin were too busy ostracising me after discovering another one of my strange hobbies.


Starhawk is aiming for a cinematic experience
Skyrim racial classes and skills details
Dead Island movie gets the greenlight
Use a cheat, and lose all your games says EA Origin service
Greek Island protests their inclusion in a video game
Is IO Interactive hiring for Kane and Lynch 3?
Rage textures will look the same across all platforms
ITV passes off game footage for a helicopter being shot down in real life
Dark Souls new feature is called “The Covenant”


More amazing Deus Ex Human Revolution concept art
Top Ten Oblivion mods
Has gaming lost its humanity?
Top Ten video game takedowns
The three best types of online gamers


Battlefield 3 Beta gameplay: On the prowl
Shank 2 debut trailer
Sports Ilustrated and Need for Speed: The Run models trailer

Model: Vera Jordanova

Last Updated: September 28, 2011

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