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In Other News – 29 February 2012 Leap Year Edition

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It’s the final day of February, and unlike those other Feb months that popped up three years in a row, it’s a day extra as well.It’s the kind of day where all kinds of silliness abounds, where the fairer gender can pop a proposal it seems.

And no one wants to marry me either, so maybe I’m a  little sad as well. But Hey, Judy down the street has been stalking me for a while! Maybe it’ll be her who slips me a gold ring after all! Or another roofie.

Trust me, waking up in a basement and being told that I’ll never see sunlight again is no pleasant thing to hear sometimes.

In Other News: Australia declares Minecraft to be safe, Deus Ex goes ultimate and a brand new SNES game that was 15 years in the making.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because we were too busy tricking some gamer folks into attending a Street Fighter tournament in China. And we’re not talking about a game either.


Australian censors declare Minecraft to be safe for kids
Persona 2: Eternal Punishment remake is set for the PSP
Windows Phone 7 games to receive a price hike
Barbarian: The Death Sword is now available on iOS
No plans for a Borderlands 2 on the Vita, confirms Gearbox
After 15 years, a brand new SNES game is on the way
Deus Ex Human Revolution Ultimate Edition appears out in the wild
Skullgirls boss character revealed


Should 3DS owners buy a PS Vita?
The 7 angriest video game characters
History of a hero – Cloud Strife
Top 10 games that fans need to shut up about


Kingdom under fire 2 – Preview
Sonic the hedgehog episode 4 part 2 – Reunited trailer
World of warplanes – Exclusive Soviet planes trailer

Across the Networks

Elizabeth Olsen offered female lead in Oldboy remake
The Lone Ranger sets its gun sights on four more actors
Prometheus goes viral – Watch Peter Weylands TED talk from 2023
Marc Forster is ready to let loose a Cowboy Ninja Viking
Midweek mouth-off – Your thoughts on the 2012 Oscars and Razzies
Brilliant British humour and claymation in the trailer for Pirates: Band of Misfits!
Watch the animated short Oscar winner, the fantastic flying books of Mr Morris Lessmore, online for free
The Avengers gets a new name – In the UK at least
Prepare for a new generation of AK47
Track the people that are tracking you with a new Mozilla Firefox app

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Last Updated: February 29, 2012

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