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In Other News – 29 July 2013

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Man, I am in pain today. Not from the second burn of having had shot glasses filled with hot sauce, but from a damn crick in my neck. It is a pain that most of you will enver know. Or equal. Including those wimps who have had to amputate their limbs while hiking for 127 hours. They know nothing of my pain!

In Other News: Killer is dead set on some bonsai, GTA IV pulls a V, Minecraft beats Pikmin and Pacific Rim reviewed.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because swallowing the blue pill did not take me back to Wonderland today.


Killer is Dead – New screens show chain guns, disco balls and bonsai trees
Saints Row 4 denied classification in Australia again
Pikmin 3 tested on 3DS, but didn’t feel right says Miyamoto
Kingdom Hearts 3 to conclude decade long battle, series will continue
GTA V’s character switching modded into GTA IV
UK Charts – Minecraft beats Pikmin 3 to the top spot
Sony takes Fatal Frame 2 in for repairs on PSN
Lost Planet 3 Steam pre-orders detailed


Why indie games are so important to the Playstation 4, Xbox One
Cosplay that’s kickin’ like Bruce Lee
The making of Angry Birds
Watch the biggest space fight in history go down


Citadels – Launch trailer
FIFA 14 – Ultimate team features
Saints Row IV – President can trailer

What’s on at The Movies

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode to broadcast internationally, seventh season DVD set announced
Check out the first art from Star Wars Rebels
Monday Box Office Report – Snikt snikt!
We Review Pacific Rim – Hollywood may now cancel its apocalypse
The Butterfly Effect is gettung a reboot
We Review Monsters University – Pixar provides an A-grade lesson on how to make a prequel
Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy talks Star Wars Episode VII, John Williams confirmed for new trilogy

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Last Updated: July 29, 2013

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